TRS has worked through 33 years of business cycles and upheaval several recessions and periods of huge growth which also present many closure and restructuring opportunities.

If it is closing a single small or massive site , or moving stock from certain sites to other sites or to a distribution centre or to hold the stock for a period until it can be fed back into retail or warehouse or web sales systems TRS has solutions & resources ready to roll.

From in our early days, working with bailiffs sheriffs & high court enforcement officers to the collapse of the massive Maxwells Empire to the worlds biggest corporate failure at that time the power & energy group ENRON, TRS has provided much needed skills and resources. In good times as well as bad there is an end to service many different operations from F1 teams to hotel, restaurant , butchers & pub chains, to massive multiple site retail groups like Co Op, Woolworths, C&A’s, Coast. Sometimes not full closures but scaling down enterprises closing any loss making sites, giving the balance of the chain possibly a Newco or pre pack administration a better chance of a good future & survival.

TRS has many options to help manage a successful restructuring please contact us to discuss confidentially what you or your client might need, non disclosure agreements are sometimes used to assure that secrecy whilst working on the solution before its public or employee knowledge.

TRS has a fleet of vans lorries trucks and trailers to uplift small stock parcels through to warehouse and fully stocked stores of stock, equipment plant and smaller machinery… we move times unto 2.5t ourselves and have 25,000 sq ft of our own on site storage with access to unlimited space in the area we are based and several operations of trusted associates round the UK & Ireland.

With over 40,000 sq ft of insulated, secure, modern managed warehousing space, benefiting from permanent on-site security, we can handle all your storage solutions big or small.

Insolvency, Relocation & Storage Specialists