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CRNF1521 Walk-In Coldroom Freezers – Affordable & Reliable in the UK

SKU: 44227
*Fully automatic, fan assisted cooling*Easy assembly modular kit *Integral refrigeration system *Plug-in ready after assembly *Pressure release valve *Door hinge

NC5000G Double Glass Door Merchandiser – Premium Display for Sale

Original price was: £2,884.00.Current price is: £2,320.00.
SKU: 32948
*Fully automatic *Fan assisted cooling *Auto defrost*Lock *Adjustable shelves *Small castors with locking feet *LED interior light with switch (2

SFI2 10B CF VSBlack Supermarket Freezer Cooler

Original price was: £2,947.00.Current price is: £2,740.00.
SKU: 48702
*Fully automatic with auto defrost *Easily switchable between cooler and freezer *Energy saving variable speed compressor *Excellent product visibility*Sliding curved

Tefcold Galaxy 1.4M Multideck Display Fridge Chiller

Product Description: The open front design of the multideck display chiller allows easy access for customers, and provides excellent LED lighting

NF7500G Three Glass Door Display Freezer for Optimal Product Visibility

Original price was: £4,780.00.Current price is: £3,175.00.
SKU: 22621
*Fully automatic *Fan assisted cooling *Auto defrost *Lock *Rollers and adjustable feet *Adjustable shelves + EPOS ticket strips *LED interior