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AHT Athens cash and carrys

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AHT Paris 185 (LED)

  • AHT EQ PARIS 185 freezer cabinet – refurbished

AHT Paris 250 (VSAD)

  • AHT EQ PARIS 250 freezer cabinet – refurbished
  • 2.5m long x 86cm wide x 86cm high

AHT Paris 250 (LED)

  • AHT EQ PARIS 250 freezer cabinet – refurbished
  • 2.5m long x 86cm wide x 86cm high

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of refrigeration products do you offer?

We offer a full range of commercial refrigeration equipment from leading brands including chest freezers, Multideck display cases, upright and overhead freezers, condensers, compressors,  and more. We have solutions suitable for supermarkets, convenience stores, restaurants, cash and carry’s, butchers, pet food suppliers and any other food retail business’.

Do you provide installation and maintenance services?

Yes, our f-gas qualified technicians can handle full removal, installation, maintenance, and repair services for all the refrigeration equipment we sell. We want to be your one-stop provider for all your refrigeration needs.

What brands of refrigeration equipment do you carry?

Some of the top brands we carry in both refurbished and brand new include; AHT, Costan, Capital, Tefcold, Bonds, Koolmax, Scancool and many more industry leaders. We hand pick quality products from the best brands.

How can you provide competitive pricing compared to other companies?

As an established small company with lower overhead costs, we can pass significant savings on to you. We also have strong relationships with our manufacturing partners allowing us to offer special pricing. When offering full shop fits we can mix between refurbished and brand new products to offer significant savings to your budget.

Do you provide consultations to help design a supermarket floor plan?

Absolutely, our team includes experts who can provide free consultations and recommendations to help you optimise and provide the ideal equipment for your unique business needs and floor plans.

Can you help us replace ageing refrigeration units?

Yes, we can replace old, failing refrigeration cases and freezers with new, high-efficiency equipment. Our team will ensure the transition is smooth so your operations aren’t disrupted.

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