Welcome to TRS, where we redefine your retail space with innovative and tailored shop fittings services. With over 30 years of industry expertise, we understand that your store layout plays a pivotal role in enhancing customer experience and driving sales. Discover how TRS can transform your space.

Tailored Shop Layout Design

Tailored Shop Layout Design

At TRS, we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. Our shop fittings services begin with a meticulous analysis of your space and business needs. Our team of experts crafts a tailored shop layout that maximises your retail potential, creating an inviting and efficient environment.

Premium Quality Fixtures and Fittings

Quality matters. TRS offers premium fixtures and fittings that not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your store but also ensure durability. From display shelves to lighting solutions, our fittings are designed to withstand the demands of a bustling retail environment.

Premium Quality Fixtures and Fittings
Flexible and Modular Solutions

Flexible and Modular Solutions

In the dynamic world of retail, adaptability is key. TRS shop fittings can be modular and flexible, allowing you to reconfigure your space as your inventory and business needs evolve. It’s a commitment to future-proofing your retail environment.

Brand Integration and Storytelling

Your store is a canvas, and we help you tell your brand story. TRS integrates your brand elements seamlessly into the shop fittings, creating a cohesive and immersive experience for your customers. From signage to color schemes, every detail is intentional.

Brand Integration and Storytelling
Efficient Space Utilisation

Efficient Space Utilisation

Maximising the use of every inch of your retail space is our expertise. TRS shop fittings are designed to optimize space utilisation, ensuring that your products are showcased effectively without creating clutter. Efficiency meets aesthetics.

Sustainability at the Core

As a responsible partner, TRS is committed to sustainability. Our shop fittings solutions incorporate eco-friendly materials and practices, aligning with modern retail trends and meeting the expectations of environmentally-conscious consumers.

Sustainability at the Core
Seamless Installation and Maintenance

Seamless Installation and Maintenance

Time is money in retail. TRS ensures a seamless installation process, minimising disruptions to your operations. Additionally, our maintenance services guarantee that your shop fittings remain in top condition, providing long-term value for your investment.

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Our Process

Transit Retail Services has seen over thirty years within the transport, corporate restructuring and shopfitting industry. As an organisation, we are well versed in both shop removals and refits.

With decades of experience handling projects with clients like Lidl, Co-Op and Woolworths. We are equipped to manage projects from beginning to end. TRS currently possess a full fleet of curtainsider moffat and dry box trailers, refrigeration engineers and 25,000 square feet worth of storage based near junction 18 on the M1.

As a company we want to see your vision for your business through from start to finish. Whether you need chest freezers, dairy cabinets, upright freezers, shelving or deli counters, we can provide the best quality second hand kit at competitive prices.


Consult & Survey

Our well experienced team can guide you through the visions you have for your shop, either through phone consultation or site visit. We can offer bespoke projections on the best quality products and service, with a team of experienced fitters and project managers to help your vision for your business become realised.


Planning & Design

Whether pursuing an idea from square one or looking for confirmation on shop floor plans, our fitters and designers can use their knowledge and years of experience to help draw the detail and depth you require. Whether in the retail sector or the supermarket industry, TRS can quote for both brand new and refurbished equipment suitable to all budgets. With experience serving name brands like Lidl, Aldi, Debenhams, M&CO and many more, our previous experience and qualified tradesman staff can turn an empty shop into a vibrant retail environment.


Installation & Sign-off

TRS operates its own fleet of moffett trucks and trailers. Meaning products and equipment will be transported in house by our team of well versed, cautious and respectful drivers. The same faces that understand the value of your equipment and are equally invested in a successful project and a satisfied client. TRS aims to create the best environment possible to ensure our customers get the highest quality stores to ensure successful trading later down the line. As a business, TRS understands the importance of appearance, thorough installation and access to top brands at affordable prices ensure the best chances possible for steady profits for your business. All refrigeration provided has warranty maintained by us, so we aim to provide efficient, affordable and reliable products to our customers.

Quality Refurbished Shop-fittings & Retail Equipment

Our converted farm buildings are on the edge of the village with customer parking, please sign in at the office as you enter the site. Customers & members of the public interested in our supplies are welcome to arrive without booking in, but we can only service a limited no of customers at any one time.

Our opening hours are 08:00Hrs – 16:45Hrs Monday to Friday and if you wish to make a private appointment out of these hours please email or contact Charlie Pierpoint 07800 733055

Fashion Fittings, Rails, Shop Shelving, Shopping Baskets, Supermarket Trolleys, Commercial Refrigeration and Catering Equipment but current stocks vary dependant on recent activity. Feel free to message TRS with your requirements by CLICKING HERE